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I’m Celeste (32) and have always been described as a “heavy” child – and always from the age of 16 slightly over the “normal/healthy” weight that I should have been. Got married in December 2002 and found that when on Honeymoon to my native South Africa, I literally PIGGED OUT! – put on about 1 stone in 4 weeks!! (14lbs = 7kgs)

Since returning (1yr and a bit later) I’ve tried going on a couple of diets – but found my problem with both of them was (1) I found I wasn’t too comfortable with the concept of clogging up my arteries and (2) TOO MUCH time spent in the kitchen and supermarket! I know it sounds silly, but I had a life, you get me??? I didn’t want my whole life to revolve around food with my time at home revolving purely around my time in the kitchen – and if I couldn’t get to the supermarket (we have our stuff delivered) made me feel a bit like I didn't really stand a chance!

EMBARRASING MOMENTS : (1) when on the train/bus, get seats offered to me – Nice, no? – Not really since they all think I’m pregnant!. Also get the “so… when is the baby due?” question – and my std. response is “Not pregnant : just fat!” - and turned it round onto them! – but leaves me depressed each time…; and (2) when buying a trousers/skirt and the Cashier holds them up by the waist to fold it up – I cringe!!! And you know how they always seem to be about a size5 or some equally thin size and about 16years old and gorgeous doesn’t help either!!

Then, Voila’! – Along comes Herbalife! – A High protein, Low Carb, LOW FAT diet who’s best selling point to me is that I’m not in the kitchen for loads of time! I’ve started on the QuickStart Program and know that I haven’t been using the products for very long, but thought it’d be useful for people to see the things I’m noting as I go along…. So, here goes…
WEEK4 – 4/4/04
1.resurged my efforts to stick to it – have been focusing on only having shakes with non-dairy stuff – makes life much, much easier, you know?
2.Also am starting to leave them to stand for about 30mins – thickens them up nicely, so I feel full when drinking them.
3.Doubling my efforts to drink more water as well.
4. Lost 8lbs so far - some say this is fantastic - I don't. Been on too many diets by now and been here too many times to be impressed yet...... Probably only get impressed when I get more looks walking down the street! LOL
5. Also had another of those "pregnant" comments this week -f rom a chemist! Schupid man!!
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Celeste Burnett

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May 18, 2004