How to make pink slime at home

You can buy the pink slime recipe at McDonalds.The best way to make the stuff is to soak a quart of warm water in milk and sugar for about 15 minutes.It’ll be thick and creamy.Next, add in some butter and lemon juice, and simmer it over low heat until the milk and water have thickened, […]

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Why San Francisco cyclists have to get bigger for the sport

Cycle sport advocates often ask themselves: Why do cyclists need to get larger?The answer, they argue, is that we can’t keep getting smaller.It’s time to get serious about size.The question isn’t if, it’s when.Cycle sport is changing.The trend is unmistakable.For decades, we’ve seen a huge shift in bike design, including the evolution of bike components.From […]

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Slim’s San Francisco to open next week with a few surprises

Slim’s is planning to open its first San Francisco location on Friday, April 19, the company announced on Thursday.The San Francisco outpost will be the first in California.The San Francisco-based chain of upscale, casual dining restaurants is also planning a second location in Sacramento in the coming weeks.The company has been working with a local […]

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Slims’ San Francisco shop closes after controversy over fatboy slim

A slim-fit, high-end, slimming company has closed its San Francisco store after backlash after posting a photo of a woman on its website with a small amount of body fat.Fatboy Slim, based in Los Angeles, was one of the first to offer slimming services in the US, but it closed its shop after receiving a […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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