What’s Slime for sale at Walmart?

Slim Jim Tool, a popular toy that features a skeleton as a skeleton in his hand, is currently for sale for $4.99.The product was first released in 2015, but it’s been out of print for several years now.It’s one of many Slim Jim Tools available in Walmart stores.Slim Jim tools were first introduced in 2014, […]

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Cloud Slime: PS Vita Slim for sale

Slims are finally here and they are available in all sizes, with sizes that fit the slim design style of SlimSantana.The slim S-Line Slims will cost $399.99 with free shipping, while the Slim S-3 Slims ($499.99) will cost you $599.99.SlimSants newest Slim will be available in Japan on November 19, and worldwide in the middle […]

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Which Pokemon GO is the best?

With the launch of Pokemon GO, gamers have the opportunity to catch, collect, and trade Pokemon as they go.For those looking to learn more about Pokemon, here are a few of our favorite Pokemon Go-related articles to help you decide.1.Which Pokemon do you prefer to catch?In our previous article, we found out which Pokemon were […]

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What’s the difference between the PS Vita Slim and PS Vita Classic?

The Slim is the newer model, which comes with an upgraded CPU and GPU, but lacks the SD slot and lacks a headphone jack.The Classic has a more expensive, higher-end GPU, which is able to process 4K video and 4K photos, and has more memory, but no SD slot.The difference is that the Slim has […]

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How to play Slim Charlie on Vita Slim

A new indie title by Vita Slim developer Charles Solles.A few months back, Slim Charlie was released for PlayStation Vita.Now Slim Charlie is available for PC via Steam and the Humble Store.Slim Charlie will cost $5.99 on Steam, but that doesn’t include the game’s DLC.Slim Charles is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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