Galaxy Slime recipe: 4 things to know about this delicious recipe

By Jessica Hahn, Associated Press The most popular edible slime, the ganache, comes in two varieties: jelly and chocolate.Jelly is a thin, watery liquid, similar to chocolate, but a little thicker.It’s also less salty, less viscous, and more opaque.The flavor of chocolate is a bit sweeter than the other varieties, but not as sweet as […]

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Slimming strap to make you look better: P5 slim

The slimming bracelet, a slimming band, is one of the most popular new trends to emerge this year.Its popularity has risen dramatically as it allows you to make the most of your slimming power without the need to remove any accessories.The slim band comes in many shapes and sizes, from the tiny slimmer-than-a-man slim to […]

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How to use PS4 Slim on the PS4 Pro

PS4 owners can use the PS 4 Slim on its own for the first time thanks to the latest update to the console.The update comes on top of the PS Pro’s firmware, which now supports PS4 slim.This means you can now use the device on your PS4 and not have to install a special firmware […]

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How to install Samsung Galaxy Slim Jim for Windows 10 Pro

Posted February 09, 2018 12:15:53Hi everyone, I am looking for a slim version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for Windows 8.1 Pro, with a full version of Samsung Galaxy Core.The Slim JIM is the only slim version with a Windows 8 Pro 64-bit build, the same as the Pro 64bit version.The Slim JAM will […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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