Walmart announced Wednesday that it has launched a new poop product that makes it possible to make your own poop-infused food.

The Walmart slime kit, which is available in grocery stores and stores, uses a proprietary recipe that creates a smooth, clean, and fluffy substance that is ideal for cooking or making your own homemade food.

Walmart says the product can also be used to make delicious beverages or for baking.

The company says it has already received more than 3,000 requests for the slime kits, which are currently available in select grocery stores, but says it is still waiting for more samples to arrive.

The slime is also available in a variety of other places, including online retailers like Amazon, and Walmart has plans to start making it available at Walmart stores in the coming months.

Walmart, a $7.4 billion global company, has become a leader in the industry of creating edible food products with an ingredient-based approach, and the company has been testing new products, including new slime products, in recent months.