A New Jersey man has been arrested after he allegedly posted a picture of a slime-covered corpse in a beach towel on Facebook, according to the New Jersey State Police.

The man, who has not been identified, allegedly posted the photo in a post on Tuesday morning in which he claimed to be “the head of the slime monster on my couch” and said he was looking for a “super cool person” to “bring back the slime to my house.”

The post prompted a flood of comments from others about the photo.

The post quickly became the subject of intense scrutiny on social media, with many users questioning whether the man was actually the slime, and whether he had made up the post.

In response to the viral posts, police in New Jersey arrested the man Tuesday.

The State Police said in a statement Wednesday that the man had been arrested for possessing the photo, and they were seeking the public’s help in identifying the “super-cool person.”

The State police said the photo was not made by the man himself and was made by another person.

They did not specify the name of the person.