Slim Jim Tool, a popular toy that features a skeleton as a skeleton in his hand, is currently for sale for $4.99.

The product was first released in 2015, but it’s been out of print for several years now.

It’s one of many Slim Jim Tools available in Walmart stores.

Slim Jim tools were first introduced in 2014, and it’s possible that they were released at the same time as Slime rancher and Slime for Sale.

In 2017, the Slime for Sales series also released a Slime ranchers plushie.

Slime rancheres are currently for Sale at Walmart, and a Slime for Seller’s edition was also released at Walmart.

Slime for Sellers edition, which was also previously available at Walmart stores, is an entirely different product with a skeleton inside the package.

If you have a Slim Jim tool in your possession and it sells for less than the original price, we’d love to hear about it.