It’s not often that you get a wallpaper that can make you feel like a slimming exercise, but that’s exactly what this wallpaper does.

Slime Girl’s slimming workout wallpaper was created by photographer Koyo Takayama, who says the idea came from the image of a slithering slime.

The wallpaper is based on a video of a slime in the movie Slither, in which the slime moves from one spot to another.

The video features an old-school, cartoon-style slime wall that you can see in action below.

The idea for the wallpaper came from Takayam’s fascination with the slime, which is a living creature that can grow into almost any shape and is sometimes used as a source of entertainment in anime.

Takayami decided to use the slime for his slimming wallpaper as it’s very simple and easy to do.

The slime itself is very slim, but its slimness is enhanced by a water-based slime slime oil that has a slightly different texture than the usual sludge.

It makes the slime look even slimmer in comparison to the standard wallpaper, and you can even see how much the wallpaper has been made.

Takayama tells The Huffington Post that the wallpaper is not just a wallpaper, but a series of wallpapers that can be combined to make something that looks like a Slimming Exercise.

This wallpaper is definitely one of those that can have a positive impact on your life.

It’s simple, cute, and easy.

The possibilities are endless.

You can make it a wall that can slim down or up, or use it to help slim down your skin, your face, or your nails.

And if you don’t have any slimming equipment, the slime will make the slimmer.

You could even add the slime to a hair shampoo or even a shower gel to make it slimming on its own.

Takai said that you could even make the wallpaper for a wedding, which would be a great idea for your groom and groom’s bride.

The slime is not the only slime to be used in this slimming routine.

Other wallpapers could include a Sliming Exercise for Men, Slimming for Women, Sliming for Kids, Slimer for Men and Slimer to Men, among others.