How to Make Cloud Sliders (Pixies) and Cloud Slice-Poppers (Mimics) at home (Photo: iStock)For this recipe, you will need two pieces of parakeette slimes: one green one orange.

The parakeettes slimes are the same as your regular parakeeta, except they have orange heads and they have a darker, bluish color.

They are best for making Cloud Slides and Cloud Slide-Pochers.

Parakeet Slimes are very hard to find.

You can find them in stores, but you will find them at your local garden center, pet store, or online.

Cloud Slices and Cloud Poppers are a great way to give your home a fun look with colorful, fun colors.

To make your Cloud Slider, you simply cut a piece of green parakeete and lay it on a sheet of paper.

Put a thin layer of white on the top.

Then add a thin strip of orange.

Lay the Cloud Slide-Poker on the sheet.

Then place a layer of green Parakeete on top of the Cloud Slide, and finally lay the Cloud Poker on top.

When finished, put the Parakeets on a cooling rack.

They should stay put for a while.

To serve, you can put them on a plate or serve them with your favorite candy.

Cloud-Slider and Cloud-Poke-Porcupine recipes for adults and children can be found here.