Now that’s what I call “borax”.

This little guy is the result of a simple combination of a few simple parts.

First, a bit of glue and a bit more glue.

I found the best glue for the job on eBay, and it actually worked well.

I used polyurethane, but you can use acrylic or silicone-based glue. 

Next, I used a 3mm jack rod, which I cut from 1/2 inch thick plastic and a 1/4 inch thick piece of cardboard.

I glued them to the top of the car with the jack rod. 

Now, I drilled a hole in the back of the jack to fit a 3/4″ extension hose.

The hose should run out of the back, and the plastic jack rod should fit into the hole.

I then added some bolts to the back.

I had a friend put them in, and then he cut them up. 

Once I had that, I cut out a hole for the hose, and put the plastic in there.

I didn’t have a hose clamp, so I just used a metal jack rod that was glued to the plastic.

I was able to bend the plastic with a jack, but not completely.

This was probably because the plastic was flexible.

I didn’t need it completely bent, so the plastic didn’t break. 

Then, I glued some foam to the sides of the plastic and added some foam tape to the hole in order to seal it. 

The car was finally finished, and I was excited to see what the car would look like in the real world.

It looked awesome!

The next day, I pulled it apart and started to take it apart.

I pulled out a couple of things, but mostly just a piece of plastic and an extension hose to make a wheel.

I cut out the wheel, and cut out two small pieces for the wheels, one with the wheel and one without. 

I used the plastic from the jack for the wheel.

I then attached it to the wheel with a plastic rod.

I added a plastic piece to the end of the rod and then used the screw that came with it to screw it into the wheel using the jack. 

 The wheels then needed to be attached to the chassis with the 3mm rod.

This part was pretty simple.

I simply drilled a few holes in the plastic to fit the 3/8″ extension rod.

Then, I screwed in the 3M 3mm bolt that was inside the plastic so that the jack could mount to the bottom of the vehicle. 

For the front, I attached the front bumper to the jack and the bottom section to the front wheel. 

In the back is a little bit of foam, and for the rear bumper, I just glued some strips of foam to a piece that was on the bottom side of the front wheels. 

When I got it all installed, I started to look around for other parts.

The front wheels are a little too large to mount with the front section, so instead, I put the front sections in with the bottom part.

The rear wheels have a few pieces that I need to get into place first, but once that’s done, I’ll attach the rear wheels to the rear chassis. 

This car should look a little more like this when finished:The wheels look awesome! 

The bottom of this car should now look like this:I hope you enjoyed this article!