Two weeks ago, Nintendo announced the Switch, a portable console that’s supposed to be the next generation of the company’s home console lineup.

Today, Nintendo’s marketing department has put out a few promotional videos to showcase the console.

It’s a pretty big change from the original Nintendo Switch, which only shipped with the Switch Dock accessory and a handful of games and accessories.

The console also featured a more basic form factor and a smaller price tag, and a number of games were released alongside it.

Here’s a look at the new Nintendo GameCube-era console, which has an upgraded screen and a more powerful processor and RAM than the original.

The Switch console is a much smaller machine compared to the original, but it still has the same specs and looks.

It sports a 1.8GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM, while a 7-inch display with an IPS panel and HDR capabilities allows you to play HD content with a higher-resolution display.

The system’s processor is said to be faster than the previous model, and it also has a dual-core GPU, allowing for more games and more content to be played at once.

One thing that was missing from the Switch’s hardware was a physical keyboard.

Nintendo said that it’s working on a replacement, and the company said that the replacement would include an HDMI port, USB-C port, and more.

Nintendo also said that its new Switch dock is a full replacement for the original one, which is the same one you’ll find on the Switch.

While Nintendo has released a few videos of its new console over the past few months, the new one was a little more limited than the other games that were released for it.

The video that the company released today showcases a game called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but there’s no mention of the game’s graphical prowess or the Switch console’s processor.

Instead, the video focuses on Nintendo’s Switch handheld game lineup.

Nintendo also announced that the Switch will have a 3D Touch system, allowing users to play Zelda games with the touch of a finger.

It also said the Switch system will feature a controller with a 3-inch screen, a fingerprint reader, and wireless connectivity for up to six people.