The Wikipedia entry for slime describes the city as the “saltiest place in the world”.

The entry also has a link to an image of a slime-covered city street with the caption “the saltiest place on earth”.

It seems that many people find the description of this city to be very useful, and are now using the city’s Wikipedia entry to learn more about the city.

The slime picture shows a street in the city of Pristina, which is one of the many places that has been linked to the city being slimey.

Wikipedia has links to a photo of the street and a description of the slime, but not a link.

When you click on the picture of the city, it gives you a list of links to the various places where slime has been found.

But when you click the link to the Wikipedia page, you get a list with the following text:This Wikipedia entry describes the slime as a type of “salty” liquid, a kind of a salty mix of salt and vinegar, and has a list that includes a link that says “slime in Pristinica, Bulgaria, is one part of a series of towns and cities that are known for their saltiness”.

Wikipedia describes the slimes as a “sodium-rich liquid”, and has an image on the page that has a caption saying “solar water from the Mediterranean, or ‘saltwater’ as it’s known in Perna, Bulgaria”.

Slime is not the only thing that is linked to Pristinas saltiness, but the Wikipedia article is the first time that a link has been provided to a Wikipedia page.

In the image on this Wikipedia page for Pristini, a photo from the website “Slime” shows a group of people walking through a saltwater lake in Parnassus.

It also has links that link to images of Parnas city, a picture of a salt water pond, and a page that lists various restaurants and attractions.

Slime in Bulgaria, Pristinian saltwater poolThe Wikipedia entry about Pristins saltiness was posted in the early hours of January 4th, 2015.

The entry says:Slime, the “sewer liquid”, is a type and substance of salty water, which has an alkaline to alkaline balance.

The water in Pris is extremely salty due to the low salt content.

It is also very salty due the high water content of the water in the Pristine River, which separates the cities Pristinia and Parnastia from the sea.

The salty water in water in both of these places is so salty that it has an odor that is similar to seawater.

The Wikipedia page includes a picture that shows a salt lake.

A Wikipedia entry on a Pristinetown salt lakeThe Wikipedia page also mentions that “some of the local rivers in Pritistan are salt water rivers, as they are the only rivers that flow through Pristi and Pristines salt lakes”.

Wikipedia links to this Wikipedia article which says:Pristi, Pernas capital city, is located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Its capital is Pristiate, and its largest city is Parnad, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bulgaria.

Pristians water is rich in sodium chloride, and the water of Pernis city is also known for its salty taste and texture.

It has a very low salt level, and it has also been found to have a mild alkaline and a moderate acidity, which makes it a very healthy source of salt.