Bodybuilding is about more than just the weight, but also the style.

So what can you do to build muscle while not compromising on size?

We spoke with Harley softails slim arms workout guru, Harley.

Harley Softail Slim Legs Workout Harley Softails Slim Legs workout is a simple yet effective workout that will get you ready for the gym.

It starts with a simple set of dumbbells and then adds in some other exercises to get you in shape for the next workout.

Harry is known for his work with bodybuilders and they love his tips on getting the most out of the basic exercises.

Here are a few of the best things he has to offer.1.

Warm up with a slow warm up.

It helps to stretch your muscles and warm up before you begin any heavy lifting.2.

Get some cardio in.

You’ll burn a lot of calories on a treadmill, but when you’re done with that, you’ll want to spend some time on the elliptical or treadmill.3.

Get your abs pumped.

Harley recommends stretching your abs and then adding in some calf raises to keep them working and sore.4.

Do a leg extension.

Harry recommends a combination of leg raises and dumbbell swings.5.

Squat and deadlift.

You should squat about 50% of your bodyweight and dead lift about 20% of it.

Harleys best friend, Rob Gronkowski, does the same thing.6.

Use a bench press to increase strength.

A bench press with an incline bar will get your back into shape and give you some form to work with.7.

Do dips.

A dip with a bar at the top of the dips will also build your upper body strength.8.

Deadlift with a dumbbell.

Harleys favorite is to use a dumb of some sort and then do a pull-up on the other side of the bar.9.

Use your hamstrings and glutes to build strength.

Harly says to use your ham and glute muscles to create tension and lift your torso off the ground.10.

Use deadlifts to increase muscle strength.

This will build more than muscle.

It’ll also give you more flexibility and stability.11.

Squats and pull-ups are the best exercises for building a muscle.

Harries recommended doing five to 10 sets of three reps, with each rep lasting 20 seconds.

Harleys favorite exercise is the deadlift, which is one of his favorite exercises.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s a great way to build stronger legs.

He recommends doing six to eight sets, but he also recommends doing as many as 12 sets.

Harles favorite way to work out is using an elliptical.

The goal is to get your legs and abs into the best position possible.

You can also do it on a computer, but this is a great workout for people with lower body injuries or just people who are already strong.

You can check out the full workout at Harleys website. 

Stay tuned for more workouts, and stay tuned to Harleys social media channels.

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