Posted April 02, 2019 12:01:59A friend of mine told me that she had made a slime monster that she named “Karina Garcia”.

It was one of those things you’d never believe if you didn’t see it first hand, but once you did, you’d see the similarities.

Karina’s creation was a complete surprise, and she shared her experience on her blog.

I’m really proud to have created this new creation, Karina Garcias new slime monster, and will share more of the details with you.

Karinah and I are happy to share this new slime creation with you, because it was truly a collaborative effort between us.

We have spent many hours working together over the last year to perfect this creation and share it with the world.

Karinka and I had the idea to create this slime monster as Karina had requested.

It was inspired by the slime monster she made as a child, and we wanted to do it for her too.

The creation came together in the blink of an eye and it was a total blast to work on.

It took less than two weeks to create.

The final result is a completely different slime creature that looks exactly like Karina.

Karins new slime was created with a simple 3D printer and a small amount of materials like wood, PVC pipes and silicone.

We printed it with a clear acrylic layer, then sprayed it with some silicone grease.

The result is an incredibly soft and soft texture that is almost impossible to break in.

We did our best to make this as close to the original Karina as possible, which included removing the extra silicone from the bottom to create a smoother surface.

The shape and color of this new Karina is incredibly similar to Karina and we are super happy to have our collaboration with her in the making!

Karina has been enjoying making slime monsters and has been sharing her slime creations on her YouTube channel.

In a nutshell, we made her a small silicone slime monster in the shape of a little princess and she loves it.

You can watch her slime monster creation here: KarinaGarciaSlimeMonster.mp4We wanted to make Karina more than just a toy.

We wanted to create something with the potential to inspire a whole generation of young people.

Karinkazis new slime made by Karina was inspired and developed by Karinka.

She has shared many of her ideas on her Youtube channel, so I thought it was important to share the whole experience with you as well.

Karini has shared her slime in a variety of different ways over the years.

One of the most iconic examples is when she created a giant slime monster and gave it to the kids at her high school.

Here is a video from that time: Karina and I also shared our slime creations at the White House and in the Oval Office, where Karina got to use her slime to decorate the Oval.

She even created a whole slime castle, complete with her own castle.

Karino and I used Karina to create one of the more famous Karinas slime monsters, which you can see in this video: Karinazas slime monster at the Oval, White House, April 5, 2020.

We are proud of this slime that was created in honor of Karina, and as a tribute to our friend Karina we created a new version that was more like her.

We also created a slime for the kids in the classroom that Karina would decorate and share with her friends and family.

I wanted to share with you some of the amazing slime Karina made that was inspired with her and was used in her classroom.

We hope you enjoy watching Karina share her slime creation.

Karini has made many of the greatest slime monsters in the world, including this one created for the school cafeteria: Karins slime monster on the cafeteria, April 4, 2020: KarinoGarciaMonster.pdfKarinaGarcias creation was so amazing that we decided to make a new slime for her to share it at her graduation.

Karinianas slime was inspired to look just like Karin, but she chose to make it a little different.

Here are a few of the photos from her slime making process: Karinas Birthday Celebration slime monster made in honor of her birthday, April 3, 2020, Whitehouse, PA.

Karina’s slime is inspired by a very popular creation in her home country, Karinacat.

Karinas creation is a tribute that Karin has made to her mother Karina who she loves to bake and serve her creations to her classmates.

In Karinas creation, we created this little slime monster to decorating her classroom in honor her birthday.

Karanias students love to make her creations and she shares a lot of photos and videos of her creations on YouTube.

I think it is pretty amazing to see this slime being used by the students and her

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