In a big surprise, Amazon is dropping the bikini line of its slimming swimwear from its website and in-store stores.

Instead, the retailer is rolling out a new line of swimwear designed to be more streamlined and to be lighter.

Amazon has been trying to shed some of the weight on its clothing line with a new, streamlined line of skinny pants, skinny shirts and even skinny jackets.

Amazon’s first swimwear line, which launched in 2016, included a line of slimming pants, slim shirts and skinny jackets that were also available online for a few dollars more.

Amazon also introduced a slimming line of clothing last year called the Amazon Sleeves and Swimwear.

The new line was a big hit, especially among consumers who like to dress up in the most flattering clothes possible, said Ryan Shook, an assistant professor of business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We’re seeing a big shift in people’s shopping behavior with clothes,” Shook said.

Amazon’s new slimming style is designed to fit into a slim silhouette, but it is also meant to be thinner and lighter than the current slimming offerings, which feature a range of pants, shorts and jackets.

It’s a “leaner, more streamlined” style, Shook explained, which is also expected to help customers who like a bit of a “swimsuit feel.”

The slimming designs are not the only changes in the new line, though.

Amazon is also adding new items to its popular online store, where customers can find more clothes, accessories and shoes.

The online store now features new apparel and accessories from brands like Urban Outfitters and Urban Outfitter, along with new and used clothing.

Amazon also launched a new smart watch on Tuesday, called the SmartWatch 2.

The smartwatch is designed specifically for consumers who want to stay active and stay on track without being bogged down by a bulky phone or other electronics.

The SmartWatch is also designed to help shoppers find and use their Amazon Prime membership and other discounts.

The smartwatch features a smart watch face that is designed for the smartwatch’s wearer to track their activities and the activity of others, according to Amazon.

The watch is powered by Amazon’s new Alexa voice assistant, which can respond to questions from the user.

The Amazon SmartWatch also comes with Alexa, which lets users control the device, manage notifications and access Amazon’s shopping cart, which offers personalized discounts, products and discounts.