Slims are finally here and they are available in all sizes, with sizes that fit the slim design style of SlimSantana.

The slim S-Line Slims will cost $399.99 with free shipping, while the Slim S-3 Slims ($499.99) will cost you $599.99.

SlimSants newest Slim will be available in Japan on November 19, and worldwide in the middle of next month.

The SlimS-3 slim will have a 1TB hard drive, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal memory.

It will come in silver, black, and blue, and will come with an 8-bit color scheme.

Slims with S-line branding will cost a bit more, starting at $299.99, while SlimS3 Slim will come at a price tag of $399,99.

We’ll have more info on SlimS, SlimS for sale and SlimS line up in the near future.