A deadly incident involving a Canadian Forces officer in northern Saskatchewan last year has left the military in turmoil and raised questions about the safety of other military personnel.

The Canadian Forces is investigating a report that a member of the public accidentally shot a fellow soldier with a pistol.

The incident happened on July 31 in the city of Strathcona.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Forces said Monday the officer who shot the man died on the spot.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of a member on the Strathmatics Force,” said spokesperson Lt.-Gen. Chris Bourque.

According to the police report, the man accidentally shot himself with a .22-calibre handgun that was left in a car in the area of the Strathsbrook Trail.

An investigation into the incident found that a police officer was the only person in the vehicle with the weapon, and that the officer acted appropriately in handling the firearm.

Police said the man, who was not identified, was shot several times.

The police report said the shooting was “unprovoked and unnecessary.”

A statement from the military said in part: We have launched an internal investigation into this incident.

We are deeply disappointed that a person in our community was injured while on duty.

Members of the RCMP, the Saskatchewan Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are currently investigating the incident.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said Monday he is “not surprised” that a provincial government investigation into an officer’s actions would not be completed in time for the 2018 provincial election.

It’s important to get this right, Wall said.

However, he said he has no issue with the military.

“It is a service that has the responsibility and the responsibility to protect the lives of Canadians,” he said.

“We have to protect ourselves from the very real threat of terrorism.

We also have to make sure that our armed forces are prepared to defend our country against foreign threats.”

The Saskatchewan government announced in January that it will not be buying any new military vehicles, and has been looking for a new vehicle for about six months.

In June, the military told CBC News it will purchase about 1,000 military vehicles next year.

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