The latest entry in the PS2 series has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling PS2 game.

But this year, it looks like Slimer’s legacy is fading.

PS2 owners have been getting a slew of games in recent months, and PS2 games are selling even more poorly than Slimer.PS2 Slimers are a staple of PS2 titles for a while now, and the slim-looking Slimer 3 is a classic PS2 title.

This time, it seems Slimer is coming to PS4, but what does this mean for the PS4 Slimer series?PS2 slimers are the only PS2 platform games that are still sold in the UK.

But that’s changing, and slimers like Slimers 2 are being replaced by slimers for Xbox One and PS4.