Slim thick Ebony Ebony Wal-Mart slime, the Walmart brand of slime, is a popular item at Walmart, according to a Walmart spokeswoman.

The slime is made from recycled plastic and is available in various shapes and colors.

“It is very popular,” said the spokeswoman, who declined to give any more details.

Wal-Marts slime is the cheapest option for walmart shoppers, said Wal-mart spokeswoman Shari Sowter.

But, according the spokeswoman there are other alternatives available at the discount chain, including soap.

“They have soap in the stores,” Sowters said.

“We’re very good at soap, we have soap on the shelves and they have soap as well.”

The Walmart spokesperson said that soap was an optional extra.

“If you need soap, it’s on the menu,” Sowster said.

Sowts said the slime was not the only thing on the shopping list for shoppers.

“This is one of the many ways that we can help you make your shopping experience with Walmart even better,” Sowing said.

A Walmart spokesperson declined to say how many of the slime products were stocked at the Walmart stores.

In August, Walmart added a slim slim ebony option to its online shopping, but that was a limited time offer.

“The Slim Slim Ebony Slim Slim Slim slim, it is a slim fit, but not slim thin,” the Wal-marts spokesperson said.

Walmart has also added a number of products to its Amazon wishlist, including the Slim Slim, Slim Slim Plus, Slim Thick Ebony and Slim Thick Slim.

It is unclear how many products the stores are stocking at the time of publication.