New York’s Subway has found its biggest success yet.

The new sandwich, the first to feature a grilled cheese, was released on Thursday and is the top-selling sandwich in the city.

The sandwich features an array of toppings like smoked mozzarella and mozzeria, cheese and onion rings, and a homemade brioche bun.

It’s a great way to start your morning and will soon make its way to all of the Subway locations nationwide.

The Subway sandwich is currently available at Subway locations across the country.

New Yorkers were quick to tweet about the new sandwich and its success.

Subway sandwich sold out at my local spot #subway, @subway tweeted.

What a great idea.

#subways new sandwich is out of stock, @Subway tweeted, and there are only about 4,000 left in stock in my town.

#Subway #NewYork — Daniel J. Filippone (@jfilippone) February 19, 2021