PS4 and PS Vita are getting more affordable thanks to Amazon’s Prime program.

Here’s how to buy the PS4 slim for $25 and the PS Vita Pro for just $50.

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If you’re looking to buy a new PS4, Sony has two models for sale, the $500 PS4 Elite and the $700 PS4.

The PS4 will ship with the latest firmware from Sony’s support program, so you should be able to get the newest update to the game if you’re in the US.

You’ll need to purchase a separate controller for the PS3, though.

Sony also announced that it will soon start selling PlayStation VR headsets for $400, though the price is still a bit too expensive to be worthwhile for many people.

Sony also released a new set of PlayStation 4 accessories, including a PS4-compatible headband, PS4 USB stick, and PlayStation 4 Pro controller.