China is rolling out its slimming, slime-making, and other health products for a new season.

The country has been touting its slim and slimming products as an affordable alternative to Western products that cost thousands of dollars per bottle.

But in a new study, the government is trying to show that its sliming and slime products are more effective than Western products, which can cost thousands.

In a study published online last month, researchers found that the average Chinese citizen uses just 1.7 grams of slime per day, compared to 2.5 grams for Westerners.

In addition, the average person used 1.2 grams of slimming soap per day versus 1.5.

The Chinese government is hoping that the study will show that China’s slimming and slime will become more widely available in the coming months.

Slime is also an inexpensive alternative to other health claims, such as the traditional Chinese method of using water to dissolve the skin and then applying a cream.

A Chinese government spokesperson said in a statement to CNNMoney that the slimming pills are sold in pharmacies in major cities, but that there are many other outlets offering the products as well.

But the spokesperson did not answer when asked if the government had a list of outlets selling the products.