Cycle sport advocates often ask themselves: Why do cyclists need to get larger?

The answer, they argue, is that we can’t keep getting smaller.

It’s time to get serious about size.

The question isn’t if, it’s when.

Cycle sport is changing.

The trend is unmistakable.

For decades, we’ve seen a huge shift in bike design, including the evolution of bike components.

From small, upright bikes to long and compact mountain bikes, the size of bikes has grown exponentially.

In 2017, there were 6 million bicycle owners worldwide, according to the Bicycle Manufacturers Association.

And as the size gap between the average cyclist and the average bicycle rider has widened, we’re seeing the demand for bigger bikes grow.

But this trend is not happening for the entire cycling community.

And yet, for many, the demand is great.


Because we live in a world where a bike can be made smaller, faster and lighter than ever before.

That’s why we have a growing cycling culture.

It is because we have the capacity to innovate and build new technologies that make our cycling safer, more enjoyable and more efficient.

It was our goal to bring together the most knowledgeable and experienced bicycle professionals in the world to help guide and advocate for the growing demand for bikes that are smaller and lighter, to make the sport a better place for everyone.

That vision is being fulfilled today by the largest cycling advocacy group in the U.S. (Bike San Francisco), which has launched the first ever bicycle safety advocacy initiative, Bike to Work Week, and is hosting the first-ever Bicycle Design Summit in San Francisco.

The goal of Bike to Worship is to inspire all bicyclists to take on the challenge of becoming smaller, more environmentally friendly and more productive with our bikes.

We’re calling on all cyclists to join us this year, and to support the effort to make bikes smaller, lighter and more environmentally responsible.

For years, our industry has been making strides toward reducing carbon emissions.

Today, we have 1.7 billion people in the United States, and nearly 80% of our population lives in cities.

We’ve made huge strides toward making our cities more sustainable, but we still need to do more to address the needs of those who live in rural areas.

This is where Bike to Ride comes in.

Bike to Drive is an organization dedicated to building community, and bike sharing programs like Bike to Works Week provide a great opportunity to help connect the community to the people who need them most.

In 2016, Bike To Ride organized a day for over 150,000 people in San Diego and Los Angeles to walk to work.

The event drew over 40,000 participants and was the largest community bike ride in history.

We are so excited to see this year’s event grow and expand in San Antonio, Austin and Los Altos Counties.

The bike sharing network will also host Bike to Bike events for families, including a special event for the homeless.

We also are excited to be working with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Bike Alliance of Greater San Antonio and the San Diego Bike Share Association to expand the scope of the program, and introduce a new reward for our participants.

We hope you join us at the first Bike to Walk event in San Jose this Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 1:30 p.m.

Bike To Work Week is a fun, family-friendly event for kids and adults.

Bike Share Week is for people of all ages.

The Bike to Help event will feature a series of events, including an interactive bike share map, to introduce families to the benefits of bicycling.

And of course, we will also be hosting Bike to Run, Bike Club, and Bike to Eat events to help people find a new way to make money from their bike.

We will also bring you the first Annual Bicycle Safety and Environmental Summit, where we will introduce you to the latest in bike safety, environmental education and technology.

BikeToWork Week in San José is the first of its kind in the region.

The Bicycle Coalition of San José and the Bicycle Alliance of San Jose are proud to host Bike To Wear, a fun bike wear and fitness event for adults and kids.

For more information, please visit

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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