A simple slime kit can be the difference between a happy family and a dead one.

If you’re worried about the quality of your slime, this guide will help you make sure it’s good for you.

How it works How does slime come to life?

This process involves the formation of slime using an enzyme, known as a lipase, and it’s a very simple process.

You just add water to a container and then stir the mixture around in the fridge until the liquid is solid.

Then add a little more water and you have a liquid slime.

You’ll need this to make a paste for the kitchen or kitchen sink.

It’s not really as exciting as it sounds.

It may look like a giant, green slime, but this is just a little bit of a slime.

And yes, it’s not as scary as you might think.

But it does look like slime, so it’s better than nothing.

What do I need?

You’ll probably need at least 1kg of your favourite ingredient for this, such as vinegar, sugar, honey, vegetable oil or baking soda.

You can buy a jar at your local supermarket for around £2.

You could also buy a bag of these to put in the freezer, or even buy a large batch of slime to make the kitchen sink or the washing machine.

If there are some other ingredients in the kit that you don’t want to add, you can simply leave it out, but if you want to make it your own, you’ll need to buy some other food grade slime, such an almond flour, as these are usually much better at leaching out food colourings and colouring.

How to make slime from scratch If you want something to make your own from scratch, you could do it like this: Mix all your ingredients together and stir.

Add enough water and mix again until everything is fully combined.

This will take a while, so be patient.

If it’s too thick, add more water, but don’t overdo it.

Pour the mixture into a mould and put it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, to allow it to solidify.

If your slime isn’t hard, it will eventually form into a thick paste, which is fine.

You won’t need to use this again.

How long does it take to make my own slime?

This depends on the size of your mixture.

If the slime is a little larger than 1kg, you might need to add a few drops of vinegar to get it to harden.

If yours is smaller, it may take several hours to hardens completely.

How do I make the slime?

Simply mix all your other ingredients together until the slime forms a paste.

You should be able to make about one cup of paste for every 1kg you have.

You may have to add more if you make the mixture thicker, but the consistency is usually good.

How does it taste?

The flavour of the slime will depend on the quality and quantity of the ingredients you’ve added.

If they are all really good, you won’t be able tell what kind of slime you’re getting, but you will be able smell it.

It tastes a bit like a normal slime and will taste like a natural, fluffy paste if it’s made from real slime.

It will also taste slightly salty and a little bitter.

If all your slime is really good quality, you should be rewarded with a really, really nice taste.

How much slime can I make?

If you’ve got a big kitchen, you probably won’t want too many slime kits.

The trick is to use only the ingredients that you really need.

If some ingredients are really expensive, you may be better off buying a whole lot of slime and buying more each time you make a batch.

So, try making a batch of the basic kit and see how you like it.

If that’s not working for you, it could be worth buying more ingredients and making more batches.

What if I’m making a big batch and don’t know how much I should use?

You could always try mixing your slime with something else.

This might be a bit messy if you’re making a lot of it at once, but once you’ve tried it, you will probably get the hang of it.