Walmart has announced that it will release a new range of slime, called Walmart’s Unicorn Slime.

It will be available to purchase for $3.99 at its online store, and will be offered as a “super premium” product.

The product will include a range of different colours, including a black, orange, and pink colour scheme, and comes with a sticker that says “Sugar Glazed Unicorn Slime”.

It also comes with the name “unicorn”.

Unicorn slime is a product made by the company that contains the ingredients that make the popular unicorn slime.

Unicorn slime has been popularised by the film unicorn, which features a unicorn, a unicorn-sized cow, and a unicorn in a bowl.

Unicorns are often associated with food, with the movie Unicorn Milk being one of the most popular unicorn milk products ever made.

The unicorn is described as being a “big, beautiful and friendly unicorn”, with the cow being described as “a very large, fat cow”.

The unicorn milk has been sold as “unicorns” in various packaging materials, and is used as a base for many other products, such as food and drink.

Unicorn milk is often mixed with other products to create a product, such a chocolate bar, and the unicorn itself has been made into a product with a unicorn horn.

Unicorn Slime is being produced by Walmart, which makes the product to order.

It comes in a range called “Super Premium Unicorn Slime”, which is described by WalMart as a premium product with “unique packaging and a super premium product name”.

It is also available to order at WalMart’s online store.

It is currently being offered at $3 per pack.

It was initially only available at Wal-Mart’s retail stores, but now is available to the public.

A number of other companies are also releasing their own unicorn slime, including “The Unicorn Slime” from the “Kiwi Unicorn” brand.

This brand has also announced a range, called “The Ultimate Unicorn Slime,” which will come in a “premium” package with “a unicorn horn”.

It comes with two unicorn horns.

It also came out with a “Funny Unicorn Slime Collection”, which has two different types of unicorn slime: “Spicy Unicorn Slime with a Lemon” and “Spicey Unicorn Slime without a Lemon”.

It will come with a Unicorn Slime sticker.