Slim’s is planning to open its first San Francisco location on Friday, April 19, the company announced on Thursday.

The San Francisco outpost will be the first in California.

The San Francisco-based chain of upscale, casual dining restaurants is also planning a second location in Sacramento in the coming weeks.

The company has been working with a local team of chefs, which includes Chef Mark Sartori, who has worked at the legendary steakhouse in Las Vegas.

Sartorisi said the opening will be a celebration of San Francisco and its unique cuisine.

“It’s the best food experience I’ve had in a very long time,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

“You don’t have that luxury of just eating out, but the food is so good that you’re going to feel like you’ve been to the real thing.”

The new San Francisco site is located at 516 Washington St. The first store will open in mid-April.

The chain’s second San Francisco store is scheduled to open in May.