SINGAPORE: Slimming gum and tire inflators that are similar to the ones found in cars are now available on the market in Singapore, with consumers in the country having to pay extra for the premium products.

Jack Rabbit slims, made by the Jack Rabbit Group, are the only products that are offered in Singapore with the same premium pricing.

The products are priced at S$6,500 ($7,600) and S$7,800 ($8,600), respectively.

However, if you buy them online for S$9,400 ($12,400) and up, you can get them for free, with the premium price for delivery starting at S£4,500.

A post shared by Jack Rabbit S (@jackrabbit) on Feb 26, 2020 at 9:58am PSTThe company said its slimming products were designed for the busy woman who often doesn’t have time to change her clothes and want a smooth transition from the morning routine.

The slimming gum comes in a pack of 5ml in a disposable plastic bag that can be used to remove a single inch of the shoe’s soles.

It is also available with the flat, removable tongue of the gum, which can be worn around the mouth.

The premium product is available in both white and black, and is available at a discount price of S$1,800, with delivery starting from S$5,000 ($7.25, £3,500).

Jack Rabbit’s online store also sells the Sliming Gum Inflators, which are made of silicone-based gel that is soft enough to slip into the shoe.

The sliming gum inflator is designed to be used in hot weather to help loosen up your soles and help you get rid of a shoe, according to the company.

The inflator has an 8cm (3 inch) diameter, which is suitable for use around the outside of the foot.

The Sliming Scent, an in-house fragrance that has been designed to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, can also be used as an exfoliator.

There is also an alternative product called Jack Rabbit Gum Bikini, which comes in white and green, and which has a different scent.

Jack Rabbit said it is now offering a new product, the Jack Rat, that can help loosen the soles of shoes to reduce friction and reduce the friction between the sole and the shoe, with a 30cm (1.5 inch) circumference.