A new PlayStation Vita slim casing will be available in Japan starting in mid-October, and it will be called the PS Vita Slim.

This slim version will include an upgraded design, a more flexible battery, and a slim design.

You can read our hands-on preview of the PS VITA Slim here.

It comes with a thinner design than the current model, with a much lower profile and more flexible plastic back panel.

We also get a lot of new features for PlayStation Vita owners like a built-in speaker and a more customizable battery.

If you’re a PS Vita owner, you can get the slim model for $300.

PS Vita Plus owners will also be able to get the PSV-1 Slim, which comes with an upgraded OLED display, a much bigger battery, a slim profile, and new features.

The PS Vita plus will also include a slim battery, better speakers, and more customization options.

PlayStation Vita Plus will launch in Japan on October 29th.

The new PS Vita slim will be priced at $300, while the PSIV Slim will be $450.

The Slim will also come with a USB-C port, an IR blaster, and some additional features.

Check out the video above for a look at the new PSV Slim and PSV Plus slim models.

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