When Slim Jim Tool and Slim Jim Tool, the two greatest rappers from Florida, were just two guys, in a world of men, nothing would have come close to their incredible success.

With their debut single, The Slim J Mob, released in 1989, they catapulted the music game and paved the way for generations of talented, talented young artists.

But the Slim J Tool, as the song was named, was the first to define the “slim” aesthetic, the hip-hop style, and the slang that became synonymous with the genre.

It became a catchphrase of sorts and spawned an entire genre of music: the slimmest rapper on the planet.

Now, with the release of The Slim Jam, an eight-track, 180-gram digital download featuring new tracks from the duo, Slim Jim, The Wailers, and more, there’s a new version of the song.

“We never thought we were going to have a song that was a hit, but it became one of the most well-known songs,” Slim Jim said in a statement.

“And that’s the only reason it’s a hit.”

Slim J said that he didn’t want his legacy to be defined by his accomplishments alone.

“I don’t want to be remembered for my records, I want to make the best music out of it,” Slim J told Billboard.

The Slimjam also is the first time Slim Jim has shared his thoughts on the Slims’ legacy.

“The Slim Jam is my legacy,” Slim j said in the statement.

It’s clear from the song that Slim J has been in a funk of sorts, which may be indicative of how he feels about his legacy.

After years of fame and success, Slim J was a recluse, and had trouble making a living as a rapper.

He was a slave to the fact that he was supposed to make more money than anyone, and he was often absent from his family and friends, which led to his mental health issues.

As the story goes, one day Slim Jim’s brother, John, approached him about making a deal to help him get a job, and Slim Jim agreed.

He made a few songs in the process and started his own label.

But it wasn’t long before the Slim Jam began to slow down.

It was around 1991, and his career had peaked.

He dropped two albums with the Wailer Crew and a series of singles, but his work was stagnant.

Eventually, Slim j decided to take a break and write a new song called The SlimJam, and it was released in January 1992.

The track was so successful that it got played on television, and eventually became a hit on radio.

The first track that featured Slim J’s original lyrics was released as a single in June, 1994.

“As I was finishing my song, I was like, I know I’m going to be the next Biggie Smalls,” Slim said, but he was quickly replaced by The Slim Mob.

“So I started to write another song, and I said, ‘Hey, I’ve got another song that’s not the SlimJam that’s going to put me on TV,’ ” Slim j told Billboard in an interview.

“One of my friends got an idea and said, you know what?

Let’s do the Slimjam, and so I did that song.

And we made it into a hit single.

And I made another song called the Slimmahad.”

But that wasn’t the end of Slim J, as his success continued.

“In 1996, I had a huge success with ‘The SlimJam,’ ” he told Billboard, adding that the single “put me in the limelight and changed the face of music forever.”

He was even inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame in 2002.

He is also the father of one of Hip Hop’s most famous children, Biggie.

“When I was in college, my family moved to Los Angeles.

I had the biggest family, so my dad had a lot of influence on me, especially when it came to school, sports, and music,” Slim told Billboard earlier this year.

“My dad’s always been a big fan of the Slim Mob, and we used to watch them on TV and stuff.

But that’s about it.

I didn’t really like the Slimies.”

Slim j says his mother, Betty, told him that she wanted him to become a professional athlete, but she didn’t know any sports.

So when she was born, Slim and his mother went to an indoor track and field gym in California.

They spent their time training with the coaches and making a lot more money.

“They never paid me for my time.

They paid me just for my work,” Slim recalled.

Slim J says that he never wanted to be in a position where he had