The latest version of the keto diet for weight loss is coming to Target.

The popular supermarket chain says it will begin selling Slim-Pills, a line of products aimed at cutting the waistline, next month.

The slim pill range will be sold in Target stores in July, the chain said.

Target also says it is launching a Slim Diet Plus product line in August.

Keto Slim is the name given to the ketogenic diet, which consists of eating a diet consisting mainly of low-fat foods and avoiding refined carbohydrates, as well as adding high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

The diet has become popular with athletes who have achieved a body fat percentage of under 20 per cent and low-carb diets, which are low-calorie but high-fat diets.

Target is not alone in its foray into the ketodiet arena.

Earlier this year, Target said it would sell its first line of slim snacks and bars, the Slim-Caps, at a suggested retail price of $2.99.

The company has not yet released the product details.

Target said it is looking at ways to help customers get into the diet.

“The Slim-Lip products are designed to deliver a range of high-quality, healthy-looking products with minimal calories and low fat,” a spokesman said.

“We are committed to serving our customers in a way that will give them an amazing experience in shopping for products and services, including food, beauty and lifestyle products.”