By now, you’ve probably heard about slime tires.

It’s not a new product, it’s not the next big thing, but for some, it has the potential to change the way we use tires.

The tire itself has always been one of the most common components on a car.

It takes up space and it’s also the cheapest part of a car, and the only one we can buy without spending a ton of money.

With the popularity of these tires, and their cheap price, a new type of tire called the slime tire is being designed.

It will be available with a tread depth of just three inches, and it will have a tread that is 20% smaller than a standard tire.

The reason for this difference is because slime tires have an extra layer of fat to keep their inflated surface from getting too soft.

The difference between a normal tire and a slime tire.

Slime tires are a new kind of tire that has been developed by a company called Slime Green, and they have a unique design.

Instead of using a single, solid tire, they have two different, thin layers of fat that are glued to the tire.

This layer prevents the tire from losing pressure, and keeps the tire in place even when you push the car on the highway.

The slime tire can hold up to 8,000 pounds.

The company also says that their tires have a greater grip and feel than normal tires.

They are also lighter, about 1.5 pounds lighter than standard tires.

The product can be ordered with a variety of tread depth levels and will be coming to the market later this year.

Slimes are still relatively new in the car industry, but they are already used by a variety on trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

And with a price tag of about $10 per kilogram, the slime tires are expected to be popular with people who want to save a little money.

Sludge tires are one of several products that will make their way into the consumer market.

It is also a new trend in the auto industry that has made it more affordable to build cars in the future.